Smart employer talk conference
Smart employers talk is a conference hosted by Ryerson's Centre for Labour Management Relations (CLMR).  The main driver of this event is Bill 148, which is also known as the fair workplace and better job act.  It aims to improve security for workers by raising the minimum wage and providing paid sick days.  Some employers expressed concerns that this act will threaten their operation and bottom-line.  Others think this bill will help reduce financial stress for workers and lead to improved workplace productivity.  This conference bought together employers to share their experience and stories on providing a decent work environment.  These Ontario-based companies varies in sizes and industries.  What they have in common is realizing productivity improvements as a result of above-industry employment practices.  One of the attending employer stated that paying workers more can help companies make more money.  
Ontario premier Kathleen Wynn was the keynote speaker for this conference.  She acknowledged the need to take a balanced approach to implement legislative changes.  She addressed a few questions along with Ontario labour minister Kevin Flynn on stage.
For more information about this conference, please refer to the Smart Employers Talk Conference Proceeding.
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