Small business branding photography
Business branding photography overlaps multiple gernes of photography.  For example, brand images for a clothing store may include photos of models wearing store-sold outfits and interacting with each other. These images could be classified as editorial, product or lifestyle photos.  Branding photography often combines multiple photography classifications into one.  As a brand photographer in Toronto, my objective is to help small businesses in creating an inventory of consistent brand images for promotional purposes.  I aim to work with shop owners at each step of the process, from brand identification to producing digital images aimed for different advertising channels. 
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Personal branding photography
In the past few years, there has been an increasing trend for entrepreneurial-minded individuals with specialized skills to offer their service on a personal basis.  Some common examples include fitness trainers and performing artists.  But how does an individual stand out from the crowd?  One effective way is to compliment your promotional materials with authentic and engaging brand images.  These could be professional head shots of yourself or interactive lifestyle photos.  I can help you plan and style a photo session that makes sense for your brand and budget.  Feel free to use the contact form below to discuss you needs.
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Toronto on-set still photography for film productions

Learn how professional interior photos can benefit your business in Toronto

Personal branding session

A light and airy editorial photo shoot

Fall clothing catalog photography

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