I just came back from providing corporate event photography service for a huge technology convention in Toronto, Canada.  The annual futurist technology conference is the largest and most high-profile blockchain technology event in Canada.  It spanned over three days and bought together experts from around the world, including technology pioneers, investors, corporate leaders, developers, researchers, artists and more.  
Over 100 speakers gave presentations, including Vitalk Buterin, the popular co-founder of Ethereum.  In addition to listening to talks, attendees connected with leading companies at the expo hall.  It showcased all kinds of products and services in the industry, from gaming hardware to legal services.  The blockchain bootcamp was welcomed by people new or curious about the technology.  The 24-hour hackathon provided an opportunity for developers to build something innovative and win prizes.  The NFT gallery showcased curated artworks by artists around the world.  There were networking events throughout the conference for people to build connections.  It is fascinating to see how fast the blockchain industry has grown in such a short period of time.  It was an exceptional experience to be part of this blockchain technology convention as their event photographer in Toronto
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