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Hi, I am Wayne and I am a professional business, event and branding photographer based in Toronto. For the past decade, I have worked with businesses to create effective and powerful images for marketing, promotional and archival purposes. I provide photography coverage for events such as business conferences, trade shows, and fund-raising events. I work with small businesses and individuals in making unique images that represent their brand. I collaborate with clients at every step of the image-making process to ensure the best possible outcome. To learn more about my photography services, please review the sections below. I would love an opportunity to discuss how I can help you grow your business. Please use the contact menu item above to get in touch.

Corporate Event Photography
As a professional corporate event photographer in Toronto, I have captured business conferences, corporate functions and charity events. Some are large events with thousands of participants, spanning across multilple days. Others are one day events with a room full of audience. Regardless of size, I aim to provide top photography service to every client.
News and Event Photography
As a seasoned news and event photographer in Toronto, I work with event organizers to produce news-worthy and effective images for media distribution and multi-channel marketings. I specialize in covering consumer trade shows, fashion runways and sports competitions. Digital images can be made available during the event for social media consumption, or within hours after for media submission.
Branding Photography
Branding photography is about producing a collection of photos that visually represent your business or yourself. These could be images your products, your team, or yourself. Your brand photos communicate a message or a feeling to your target audience. With a diversed background in fashion, product and lifestyle photography, I can help you develop consistent and effective brand photos to be used in different promotional channels.
Travel Photography
Like many people, I enjoy traveling to new places. This page illustrates some of my travel photos taken during trips. Some are landscape photos that highlight the beauty of nature. Some are architectual photos that demostrate man-made aesthetics. If you are looking to license travel images, please reach out to me using the contact form below.
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